The Feminists: Eastern Standard Time

No time to be long and poetic. We have made it to Thunder Bay, Ont. We are on a stint now of 9 shows in a row and soon we will be sleeping in the van for 11 days straight unless we happen to find someone to take us in wherever we happen to be. This is what happened in Winnipeg, so I got to sleep on a couch, next to a bathroom (luxury, my friends).
We played our show in Winnipeg, and then drove on to Fort Frances, Ont. We played there last night and the sound guy worked with Gowan in the 80’s, very exciting. Today we are very tired and sick of being in the van. We had some time to kill in Thunder Bay and we all scattered to the 4 winds and separated as soon as possible. I’m trying to think of something funny that’s happened, but the only thing that comes to mind is my brush with death in Winnipeg, which was funny after the death part was avoided.
And there I shall have to leave it. I’ll write again later this week. We’re all fine and in 1 piece.