The Feminists: My Brush With Death In Winnipeg

So much has happened since the last time I had time to email. After Calgary, we headed to Winnipeg. We all really liked Winnipeg. Even The Grief said he could live in Winnipeg. Lots of big bugs, though. But hot, and sunny, and a very pretty, exciting city. We had a great show at a club called The Collective. There were quite a few people there, very young and all dressed so very hip. A club full of young scenesters, and to my great shock, The Grief was in his element. Far from his usual hermetic self, he cheerfully made friends with the other bands and even helped sell their merch. We had several record label reps there to watch us, but as of yet no bidding war has ensued.
My brush with death occurred when I was running to the van to look for an errant power cable. I launched myself from the curb across a very busy 6 lane street, my carefully honed city traffic reflexes in action as I assumed all would go according my plan, which was: run across this street very quickly and grab that cord and run back. There were cars coming, but there was a median and I had plenty of time.
However. As I leapt off the curb, I found I had enough time to think “why am I still flying through the air?” As the pavement rushed forward to greet me, and the lights from both directions turned green and six lanes of traffic closed in from both directions, I (finally) fell hard on the pavement, breaking the fall with my pathetically outstretched hands, and then skittered along like a flat stone on calm water on the left side of my body. I had overshot the median considerably. I frantically attempted to get my feet underneath me and stagger to safety, wondering if I would be visible to the approaching cars which I could hear accelerating towards me. The headlights were close enough to illuminate the pavement around me.
Just as my hand brushed against the side of the van, Keith came running up to me, having witnessed the entire spectacle from my launch point. Cars whooshed past mere inches from me, a rumbling river of lights flowing unstoppedly to the next traffic light. K. and I raced back to the club and we played a great show. Turned out the curb from wherefore I launched myself was at least 12 inches high, unknowable in the hazy twilight of the heavy, sultry Winnipeg evening. Although it was the first time I have flown through the air long enough to think about it, which was quite fascinating, I curse the abnormally high curbs of Winnipeg. And I may be less likely to jay walk in heavy traffic, but I doubt it. Why stop now? Clearly I am being saved for a higher purpose, or at least my luck hasn’t run out yet. Plus it’s not very rock and roll to cross meekly at a crosswalk.
In Winnipeg we met a great band called THE CAMAROMANCE, and I highly recommend that you all check out their website. We stayed with them at the promoter’s house after the show and it was very fun to meet another like minded group of musicians.
After Winnipeg, it was on to Fort Frances Ont. Ontario is a very beautiful province. The show was pretty good, we got an encore at the end. Next time I will tell you about the sound guy there. The hotel we played (and stayed) at was very funky. Then on to Thunder Bay, and now we are in Sudbury. Yesterday I drove along the coast of Lake Superior for about 7 hours. It was incredibly awesome.
My time is running out, more news to come soon!