The Feminists: Enough With The Poetry

Now we are in Calgary. It’s been a long time since I had a chance to be alone with a computer. I’ve already been typing madly responding to various teaching inquiries so I better bang this out fast or Ferdy will wrestle me for the electronic hearth. And he’ll win, he’s much bigger than me.
I got to drive a lot today, which was fine with me as we are in the prairies, the most beautiful part of Canada in my opinion. I am the only Fem to think thusly – my video game playing compatriots denounce the prairies as the most boring landscape in Canada. Where are their eyes, I wonder to myself. This is the only part of Canada where you can really dig the sky and admire its vastness. It’s so calming and relaxing to let one’s eyes travel over the spaciousness of it all. Everything is so stark and clean. Every object stands out against the flatness. The eye is drawn automatically to anything that rises the slightest bit above the earth. It’s like driving through a painting, everything is so vivid and there are so many subtleties to appreciate.
Enough with the poetry though. It’s Aug 10 or 11 or somewhere around there and we have but 3 shows left. Next week I’ll be teaching piano lessons, driving from house to house in my dear little Honda Civic and launching the next round of Fems projects.
There remains much to contemplate. I have learned more in the last 6 weeks than I expected, but the lessons have come at a high cost. We can see clearly what we need to improve on to make the next tour better. Thankfully, nothing much on the artistic front but a whole lot on the business side of things. The people who told us before we left that a Canadian tour was not really a good idea were right. Canada is a mind blowingly big country and there remains a lot of empty space here. That makes for a lot of driving and less playing.
However. I’m also glad we didn’t listen to those people and went out and did this anyway. We have survived with our collective friendship intact and strengthened. We have had a great many unique experiences together and that has created a deeper bond that can’t help but be reflected in our work. It was fascinating to witness the building of a new social unit, and I have started musing quietly that there is maybe a master’s thesis in here somewhere waiting to be written. I didn’t expect us to become as familial as we have – I observed with some surprise that all of the guys had a nurturing streak that became more obvious the longer we have been isolated from society. (Of course they are all very scary, bad to the bone, intimidating rock and rollers as well.) The fact that their best human qualities of caring, consideration, and kindness became more obvious the longer we were away from normal society I think says more about what society expects of men than it does about them as individuals. And they are all lovely individuals.
But I miss women. I’m not a very girly gal, but there are some key differences in the socialization of males and females that create a steep divide along the lines of gender that I was somewhat unprepared for. I feel like I’ve been living in a foreign country where I can observe many of the social rituals, but don’t understand how to participate in them, and in fact probably am not equipped to participate in them even though I’ve been invited by the locals, who are very nice people. We speak the same language, but the inflections and body language are unfamiliar. I’ve gotten a lot more fluent over the past few weeks, but I am looking forward to going home to my girl house with my best-girl-friend roommate where everything is comfortable and easy. And clean. And sweet smelling.
We had a decent show in Saskatoon. We are continuing to play well. I am mostly encouraged. The album is on at least 1 more indie chart, a welcome sign of progress. There will be a flurry of activity upon our arrival back in Vancouver as we are all determined to build on the momentum that we have accrued during this tour. There will also be a flurry of day jobs as we dig ourselves out of the financial crater that we find ourselves in. At the bottom. Where no light reaches.
Off I go to read my book. I would definitely be much crazier than I am if I didn’t have books to read on this tour. Nobody bothers you when you’re reading a book. Or at least, that’s what I’d like the other Fems to finally fucking realize…