The Feminists: Not Until We Get A Bus

Back in BC! We are in Cranbrook, twiddling our collective thumbs while Ferdy shags his way back into married life. It’s been 6 weeks since Ferdy and Erin last saw each other, so we are stopped here for a couple of days for some relationship maintenance until our last show in Golden later tonight. I say, whatever makes Erin happy, Erin gets. Because I really, really, would like her to come with us on the road at some point. The sooner, the better. She’s just so good at maintaining Ferdy…sigh…and she’s fun and smart and it would be nice to not be so drastically overwhelmed and outnumbered. But she says, not until we get a bus. So now I have to figure out how we can get a tour bus happening for next time.
We played in Calgary, and it was quite good. Not many people, but there was some other ginormous event happening the same night. We get that a lot. For some reason, a Feminists show isn’t the biggest event in town yet. But we were paid handsomely and the people who were there danced and yelled and drank and bought cd’s. The Feminists: conquering the Canadian rock scene 3 people at a time. Coming soon, furtively, secretly, to a bar you’ve never heard of on the same night as something really impressive playing songs you don’t know at jet engine volume level. I just don’t understand why this tour hasn’t been BIGGER!
Sarcasm doesn’t come across very well via the computer.
Neither does wry resignedness.
But, before you start feeling sorry for the poor little Feminists, whose tour has been plagued with bad luck, dead gigs, expensive (bad) surprises, and a shortage of, what do you call that, you know, when you get paid for doing your job, you know, when they give you that paper stuff you can use to buy things with, I will tell you about the show in Cranbrook.
The bar was packed. We played 2 hour long sets. The endings of our songs were drowned out by screaming. We sold more cd’s. There was a table full of people right in front of my keyboards who collectively closed their eyes and grinned during the entire second set, opening their eyes at the end of each song to scream with delight before closing them again when the next song began. Many people came up to us to talk. And they had intelligent things to say, about the songs and the music and the “energy flow” onstage. The next day, someone approached us at the Denny’s when we were having breakfast to talk about the show, and then again at the Safeway. The first time strangers have approached us to talk about a show. Of course, we were all too embarrassed to savor it. The Grief has been lamenting the lack of recognition and respect he’s been getting on this tour, but when it happened, he was just as tongue tied as the rest of us.
I wish that the Cranbrook show was the last one, as it’s going to be pretty anticlimactic to drive to Golden and play an empty, unpromoted show on a Sunday night. But oh well. Soon we’ll be home….if the van can make it to Vancouver.