The Feminists: No Use Pining For Home Comforts

The day before departure. I had a full day of teaching and prep. Then
I zoomed from my last lesson straight down to the Media Club to see Dawn sing with her band the No Shit Shirleys. They were wonderful, a much needed dose of estrogen before my impending testosterone exposure. I was supposed to stay and see As the Crow Flies…and I love that band so very much and have been looking forward to this show for so long. But I left after Dawn’s band because my mental “To Do For Tour” list had grown out of control.
So, anyway. I stayed up real late packing and crossing off items on my
COLLECTION of to do lists…this is the first time I’ve tackled a project of
such magnitude that it generated huge, dense, thick “Don’t Forget” lists. I
had a lot of lists, and I had to stop myself from writing a master list to
organize all the other lists. Because of our experience last year, we are
much better prepared (thanks to the lists) and have a better idea of what
to expect. The pre-launch sequence was in motion, and soon we would cast off from Vancouver and begin our voyage of rock and roll adventure.
In the meantime, however, it was 2:30 in the morning, I had finished my
packing- actually, I had just sort of given up on it – and was longing on
the couch watching tv, waiting for my sweetheart to get one last email fix
before bed. Everything was so comfortable and familiar (and warm and dry), and I thought “I don’t think I want to go”.
“I don’t think I want to go”, I said sadly to Mr. Sweetheart.
He smiled at me. His warm, soft eyes peered gently into mine and made me a little light-headed. Beautiful eyes, always brimming with mischief and fun and silliness. Ah. I digress.
“Well, babe,” he said, “you don’t have to WANT to go, but you do HAVE to go”. True enough.