The Feminists: A Full Day’s Adventure

It took us 3 hours to get out of the city today. Because we kept forgetting stuff at our various houses. Mike was the only one who didn’t forget anything. But Ferdy forgot his bass head in his carport…in Port Moody…Keith forgot the Playstation at his house, and I win the bonehead prize because I forgot my wallet and all my money. Guess I should have put that on one of the lists.
At 12:30 pm, after we had met at Mike’s house for a 9am departure, we were sitting in a Wendy’s at 12th and Boundary. Hey, we were hungry. “Well”, Ferdy said brightly, “It already feels like we’ve had a full day’s adventure, and we haven’t even left Vancouver.”
We made it to Golden about 9 hours later, with 45 minutes to go before
it was time to play. There’s no sound tech at Packer’s , so we had to set
up the PA as well as our own gear, check into our rooms, and make some set lists. No problem. Our operation runs pretty tightly these days, sort of like a military campaign.
45 minutes later, we were ready to rock. Stokley was there so the
evening immediately became more exciting. Stokley shows up periodically to our shows and films us playing.Sometimes he makes a video of one of our songs and posts it on the Internet. We are very amazed that he does this – he’s a professional videographer who’s worked with lots of bands more famous than us (mind you, we’re not hard to beat as far as fame goes).
The last time we saw Stokley he showed up at a Calgary show, filmed us, and then snuck us into his hotel room afterwards, thus saving us from sleeping in the van. Never will I forget the sight of Zobac waddling through the graciously appointed lobby with 5 blankets wrapped around his waist underneath his trench coat, smuggling in bedding for the rest of theband. He looked like Santa Claus on Christmas morning…grizzly beard, exhausted, quite irritable. The night clerk saw us coming, and I swear he just deliberately averted his eyes and pretended to read his newspaper.
So anyway, Stokley was in Golden calmly setting up his camera as we
hustled in, slightly wild eyed as our set-up plan rolled into action.
We played 30 songs. I had fun. The sound onstage was great. I think
Mike and and Keith should always do our sound. There were 2 guys there that were really into it. Otherwise, there was a handful of people huddled in the smoker’s room and a couple that never moved form the VLT’s the whole night. They gambled next to each other while holding hands, eyes fixed straight ahead, absorbed in the soft blue computer screen glow.
After the show, we stumbled exhausted upstairs to our rooms. Except
Ferdy, who drank beer with Stokley until four in the morning. I don’t know how he does it, and I admire his stamina. After 4 hours sleep, 12 and a half hours of driving, and 3 hours of playing rock and roll, I was tuckered.