The Feminists: Drugs, Alcohol, And Rebellion

Highlight of the show in Saskatoon:
Actually, there were a few. The venue was cool – “The Basement”. They apparently mostly have jazz there. On the walls of this narrow underground cavern there were big, backlit Impressionistic paintings of people playing jazz. Classy joint, really. Except for tonight, when the Basement contained scores of passionate teenage music fans (an all ages show, good sign) 4 heavy bands (emo, prog, metal, and us).
Saskatchewan booze laws allow all ages shows to sell alcohol, but you
have to show ID at the bar. Now THAT’S an all ages show…make the beer accessible and let the rock and roll games begin!
Like it or not, rock, drugs, alcohol, and rebellion are inextricably entwined. I think rock and roll sounds most authentic when it’s played in a rebellious environment such as a bar, stadium, or outdoor festival where people have the option of getting fucked up. Somehow, there’s a dirty, nasty edge to the show when drugs/alcohol/excess are present, whether one chooses to indulge or not. And that illicit, dangerous vibe always enhances the rock in my humble opinion.
Now, it’s not necessary to get fucked up to enjoy rock and roll. Personally, I can’t play music unless I am stone cold sober. So every show we’ve ever played I have enjoyed and attended without consciousness-altering substances of any kind. But even when I’m sober, I like that desperate edge that’s always there when there’s booze and drugs and people on the edge of reason milling about.
The Saskatoon show was very cool. I didn’t see any bad rebellious underage kids drinking beer. They were probably all outside smoking weed. I did see a lot of excited music fans riding wave after wave of blisteringly loud and fast emo, screamo, prog, and metal.
The metal bands really liked us, by the way. Even bought a CD. I think I’m encouraged by this. Maybe we’re not as wimpy as I thought. We did see an amazing metal band called Nikola Tesla…Belland literally took his hair down when they started to play and rocked hard for their whole set.
Our set went very well…we elicited many screams of delight and appreciation from the good kids of Saskatoon. Afterwards we sold lotsa cds and merch, enough to finance the drive to Winnipeg.
Huh. So far, so good. More from Winnipeg.