The Feminists: Thick Beams Of Light

The drive from Saskatoon to Winnipeg was really beautiful. It was sunny and warm with huge rolling banks of white fluffy clouds. I meant to write, read, and sleep – a packed agenda, I know – but I didn’t get around to it. Instead I gazed for hours out the window and watched the interplay of clouds, sunshine, gentle slopes and occasionally, like an unexpected $20 bill in a pair of old jeans, a blue sparkling tiny lake surrounded by marsh grasses and delicate willows bent gracefully into the wind.
I totally get why people live on the prairies.
I love the mountains in BC, but the prairie sky overwhelms me; satiates me completely with beauty and calms my eye, heart, and soul. The clouds change color as they recede into the distance. First white, then tinged with the barest hint of azure blue. The blue darkens into indigo, and then the curvature of the earth cuts short any further observation. Sunlight bursts through in random spots – thick beams of light slice through and illuminate more clouds above and below. And the whole spectacle is rolling and tumbling along as we zoom underneath it. I was driving when the sun set, but I stole several satisfying glimpses in the rearview mirror. Red, purple, and a color halfway in between that I don’t know the name for.
So we raced into Winnipeg, after a tasty lunch of soup and hot dogs prepared somewhere along the highway in a very tiny farming town. We loaded our gear swiftly and surely into the club to play for…nobody.
Okay, technically we played for the other band, the bartender, the door guy, and one (1) paying customer. Apparently there was a big metal show happening elsewhere in town. And since the Collective is now a metal venue – it certainly wasn’t last year when we played there – we were quite out of luck.
The word metal has come up quite a lot lately. We are playing with a lot of metal bands on this tour so far, and now we’re getting booked into metal venues. I can’t believe that anyone would consider us a metal band. The very idea is quite sobering and yet absurd. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence.
The one paying customer did, however, buy a t-shirt and cd. So we could say that 100% of all audience members bought merch after the show.
Today we’re camping out at a Husky truck stop doing laundry. We made tacos for breakfast. Mmmm so tasty. So greasy. Coming up next – a four day drive to Montreal. We did have a show in Thunder Bay that would have broken up the mind numbing distance, but the club went under. Awesome. When I left Vancouver I was looking forward to these 4 days of traveling. Now after a few days in the van I’m not so sure. Let us hope for sunshine, and plentiful hot coffee.