The Feminists: I Think We’re Having A Good Time

I think we’re having a good time. I guess that’s what you call it when everything is going well and people are laughing frequently.
This morning, upon fueling up in Winnipeg to depart that fair city, the van refused to start. Sort of confusing, as we had driven it up to the pump about 5 minutes ago. A couple in a van with BC plates gave us a jump, but it didn’t work. So Mike called BCAA. Good thing he renewed our membership before we left. Then there was nothing to do except wait and worry about how much time and money this was going to cost us.
Within an hour, we were rescued! The CAA guy showed up. peered under the hood, asked a few questions, then calmly cleaned off the battery terminals which were covered in corrosion. The Gray Mare obediently roared to life and we were off. Didn’t cost us a dime. Seeing as how all we had to do today was drive, it didn’t even really mess up our schedule.
We pulled into Thunder Bay about 9 hours later, Northern Ontario is very beautiful country. Not so much in the way of clouds, but lots of green and trees and lakes. For hours we wound our way through the Canadian Shield. Moss covered rocks, small and medium sized sparkling lakes surrounded by forest. There were also very many tiny islands in these lakes – just a bit of rock rising out of the water covered in trees. The sky was a deeply reassuring blue, reflected superbly in all that water.
It’s late summer here. All day I started at trees, lakes, moss, rocks, islands, and winding empty highway. Lots of greens and blues interspersed with the most fleeting flashes of yellow and deep burnt orange. No reds yet.
In Thunder Bay we paid a business call to a huge club called Warp 9. Ferdy chatted up the resident authority figure, we left them a cd, and we might have a chance for a gig on the way back…as part of a metal bill. Metal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so far on this tour. Perhaps metal is taking over this great country. Maybe The Time Of Metal is upon the Canadian people.
Speaking of dinner, in the Safeway parking lot of Thunder Bay we had roast chicken, rice, gravy, and stuffing prepared by resident wizard/chef Michael A. Zobac. It was a damn good meal.
So far on this tour I have learned that with homemade food, warm feet, and adequate bedding nothing is really that terrible. Laughing also helps. Not a problem with these nutty dudes.
Tonight we tucked ourselves into the van behind a Husky and rocked the ganja hard and mightily. We watched a little Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on Grief’s laptop. Grief and Zobac are occupying the top bunk. They put on a very entertaining show every night as each of them wedges himself into his sleeping bag and then slithers and thrashes about like a dying salmon as first one, then the other, inches their way into the narrow drawer-like sleeping spot. There’s about 11 inches of clearance between the tip of one’s nose and the roof of the van, and once they’re in, there they must stay until morning.
Or until Belland wake up. He sleeps on the back seat that Mike and Keith launch themselves off of during their nightly salmon dance. The seat is also a serviceable bunk, though a little short. My boudoir consists of a piece of plywood resting across the two front seats. This year I have the luxury of many blankets, a yoga mat, and a thinsulate mattress (thanks,Mrs. Quimby!). I just have to be careful to avoid kicking the van into gear as I slumber.