The Feminists: Last Year He Was Only A Small Bump

Nothing remarkable between Sudbury and Ottawa. Freeways, noise, pollution, pulp mills, mining, lots of concrete. I was so happy to see Grant and Kathryn’s house. Grant is an high school friend of Keith’s. We were introduced to him and his family last year and I guess we didn’t horrify them too much because they offered us shelter and sanctuary this time around as well.
This year Grant and Kathryn hatched a beautiful youngling named Mateo. Last year he was only a small bump, but now he’s 7 months old. He has bright, snappy dark eyes and an enormous, face-splitting, drool covered grin for anyone who makes eye contact. Pretty much everything blows his little mind and he is bursting with curiousity and friendliness. I have had several satisfying conversations with him. He’s a fabulous listener and has restored my faith in the male of our species.
Looks like we may secure a couple of extra shows on our way back through Ontario, thank you Jesus. We’ve all been busy on the Internet (thanks, Grant and Kathryn) wheeling and dealing, especially Belland who stalks gigs mercilessly. It’s amazing what that guy can accomplish as he slaves over a hot computer. As he told me the other day, if this band was called the Spice Girls, he’d be Business Spice. All business all the time.
Except when there’s beer tickets. Hey, everyone needs to balance work and pleasure, even Business Spice. I think I’d like to be Organizer Spice. Or maybe Logistics and Strategy Spice.
At any rate, I’m off to have a looooong hot shower. It’s been 4 days and 3 nights in the van.