The Feminists: Maybe We Should Have Offered Him Some Spaghetti

After a round of showers and breakfast, we made our way to Kingston. It is a lovely city. Hey, I just realized that the apostrophe key does not work on this computer, so this will be a contraction-free experience for us all. Keep in mind I do not usually sound this dorky in real life .
Anyway, Kingston. Lots of picturesque old 18th and 19th century brick buildings and a very attractive downtown core free of big box and chain retailers. I slept most of the day – hey, road life can wear you down – and then cooked some spaghetti sauce for yet another spaghetti dinner. While we were busily chopping and simmering in a large, busy parking lot a police officer pulled up and asked us why we were cooking in said parking lot. It was then we realized that the Kingston police station was right across the street, perhaps something we should have taken into consideration before rocking the ganj.
Huh. No quotation marks either on this keyboard.
Because we have nowhere else to go, Mike explained innocently, his pleading brown eyes fastened imploringly on Officer Friendly. Maybe we should have offered him some spaghetti. At any rate, we were allowed to continue cooking, and we beat a hasty retreat after the dishes were washed.
Now we are camped at a Husky truck stop just outside of Kingston. Tonights movie feature is Being John Malkovich. We are crammed into such a small space that although it is cold outside, we are pleasantly warm – but I would not say comfortable as everyone is basically forced to remain in the same position until tomorrow morning. Sometimes it is the little things I miss, like having the freedom to roll over in bed.