The Feminists: Gazebo!

It was sunny and warm. We broke camp and headed to Lakeview Park on the shores of a Great Lake – I think Erie. Or maybe Huron. There’s never anybody to ask when I need to know about major bodies of water or other impressive natural phenomena.
We have been spending a lot of time outdoors as of late. Not because we’re hippies or anything…heaven forbid…but what else are we going to do with hours to spend in a random town where we don’t know anyone or where anything is with no money and no place to go except the van? It really sucks when the weather is shitty. Then we’re either all crammed in the van trying to ignore each other. At least when it’s nice out we can scatter off in all directions.
Generally we’ve been lolling about under trees, lying on blankets reading, writing, playing cards (not me, I’m not that geeky yet) or napping. The big excursion is usually to find a grocery store and/or Internet cafe and then we busy ourselves with meal preparation, eating, and clean-up. At night we rock.
This is a lovely park. Very thoughtfully designed. I’ve become a bit of a park critic/appreciater on this tour. A little bit of everything here. Rocky beaches, winding paths by the water, abundant benches angled in pairs facing the water. Lots of trees, flowers and a couple of gazebos.
Gazebo. A funny word to think, say, or write. Oh. And we’ve all lost our minds. This time it happened swiftly, to all of us on the same day. We suddenly had spent enough time with just each other that we have a huge stockpile of private jokes, and the mention of any one of them will send us all of into hysterics. This is all well and good when we’re not in public. It’s getting harder to attempt to act somewhat normal in front of strangers.
We have a whole language unto ourselves now. Actually, we care a lot less about acting somewhat normal this time around. We’re never going to see these people again. Who cares if they think we’re eccentric fools who giggle incessantly at incomprehensible gibberish? We’re harmless…unless somebody insults our music. Or the van.
Today at the park the water was really stunning. I sat on the shores of this gigantic inland sea and said a heartfelt thank you to the citizens of Oshawa for maintaining a small part of a most beautiful shoreline. The sky was a deep, honest blue with nothing to hide and reflected quite fabulously off of the sparkling waves. When I looked out to the horizon, I was surrounded by blue and could see nothing but water and sky merging together…I hardly knew which way was up.
To my speechless delight, there was a bevy of swans bobbing about in a wee sheltered cove at the furthest edge of the park. I crept curiously towards them, moving slower and softer as I got closer.
I was able to come within six feet the ones perched on rocks by the shore. Close enough to think “Wow. These are very sizeable birds. Looks like they might be able to damage me or at least scare the crap out of me if they choose to.” Along with the swans were Canada geese (piddly by comparison), ducks, and seagulls. It looked like a big avian love-in and I thought how nice it was to see everyone peacefully co-existing. Maybe I am a hippy.
The cove that the birds were occupying had a short sandy beach that rose abruptly into a steep bluff that ended in a small plateau. On this plateau there was a swing set. See what I mean about thoughtful design? I swung high and fast looking out over the water while listening to a cd and thought this is definitely the best job I’ve ever had.
When it got cold, we packed up and went to the club for load in and sound check. We were all desperate to check our email, so the owner of Catch 22, also named Mike, was kind enough to let us into his office to use his computer.
It was at this moment that the serendipitous discovery was made that Mike the bar owner was basically a professional Magic the Gathering player. Little Grief and Zobac’s eyes lit up with joy and comeraderie and soon all 3 of them were happily gabbling in their strange Magic language and were slapping cards down on the floor with gusto as they sat cross-legged together and played an impromptu game.
After sound check we had a snack and then it was time to play. There were a few people when we started, and more gathered steadily during our set. We sold lots of cd’s and merch afterwards and had lots of nice people say nice things to us. It was a fun show with a sassy, appreciative audience.
Also on the bill was a band called Mahogany Frog. They played
instrumental prog rock extremely well. Belland was so taken with them. He stood right up front as close as he could to them and bellowed “YOU GUYS ARE MIND BLOWING” into at least one moment of silence. He ended up taking off with them after the show so Grief, Zobac and I set up camp. Ferdy showed up around 5 am, drunken, shambling, trying desperately to be quiet. He openedthe back door, took one look at the sleeping Grief sprawled across the back seat (the very same back seat the bed dwellers must launch themselves off to slither into their sleeping drawer) and went to go crash in the trucker’s lounge inside. Thus ended another night of rock and roll.