The Feminists: Anti-Social Philosophical Angst

If we had the cash, we’d drive to Toronto, go shopping and experience the world of entertainment that is promised to all good consumers. Instead, in a fit of desperate boredom we went and hung out at the mall in Oshawa.
I was deliriously happy to get away from the van and walked the mall for hours while Ferdy doggedly plowed his way through Lord Of The Rings. Grief and Zobs…say it with me now…played Magic the Gathering. They had found a card shop earlier and added some new cards to their collection so the excitement of Magic was renewed and restored. I spent most of the day in Chapters, geeking out with all the lovely books.
I’ve noticed it’s rather a shock to my system to insert myself into a commercial environment after a few days of isolation from society. At first I feel a wave of nervousness from being in close proximity to strangers, noise, and neon. Then I feel like my unease would be completely alleviated if only I bought something, anything. The more expensive, the better. But soon enough all of that anti-social philosophical angst fades away and I forget to be anything other than your average gal at the mall, gaily tripping about while hunting for the perfect pair of kicky new shoes.
It is amazing, that powerful spend-lust that washes over my brain as the mall doors swoosh shut behind me. It’s even more amazing to think of all the people who work so hard, exerting all of their intellect and creativity, to create that exact sensation in all of us…someday I’d love to meet a market psychologist and have a nice, probing chat.
I finally gave in to the siren call of consumerism and bought a couple of books and a movie ticket. I saw the Corpse Bride, which was such a letdown that I felt like I needed to spend more money to convince myself that the day wasn’t a total waste.