The Feminsts: Grow That Mustache!

Upcoming shows for May 2006:
May 6 Brockwood Secondary School, Langley
May 13 The Morrisey, Vancouver
May 18 Ocean Beach Hotel, White Rock
May 19 Railway Club, Vancouver
Other items that may be remotely interesting:
New songs have been written, and our shows will feature lots of new material from our next full length album. It’s good that we have enough stuff for another record, but it’s frustrating that we won’t be able to record anything unless we take on a couple of sugar daddies. Or sugar mamas, we are an equal opportunity band. If you know anyone who’s willing to invest a lot of money in a band in return for no creative control or input whatsoever, please send them our way. We’ll exploit them gently and lovingly. Ooh, that sounds a little bit kinky, doesn’t it.
In the meantime I guess we’ll try and convince the federal government that we deserve another grant of taxpayer’s money to help us record. I wonder if the Conservatives will be down with subsidizing rock and roll like the Liberals were. I mean, Stephen Harper is definitely younger than Paul Martin, and he obviously cares more about his hair than either Martin or Layton (you need only regard Jack’s massive soup strainer to know he is oblivious to voters under 35) which could mean that he might have an awareness of rock and roll and youth and style and all that good stuff. Somehow I doubt it. Even when he’s dressed down he still looks hopelessly formal and I have a bad feeling that Fleetwood Mac is about as rock as it gets for him.
And I must confess that I admire Jack Layton for defiantly putting that mustache out there for all to regard. Imagine how many stylists, political consultants, publicists, and colleagues have suggested over the years that the hairy face catapillar must go. Yet he defies them all. Why? Possibly his wife likes it and he keeps it to please her. In which case, that is love and a beautiful thing. Maybe he has a bet with another friend with a mustache about who can keep theirs for the longest. Or maybe he just enjoys the warmth and coziness it provides to his upper lip. Whatever his mysterious reasons are for keeping that mustache, I applaud him for his willingness to be a little bit different. I guess the moral of the story is, grow that mustache! Cultivate a little bit of personal uniqueness and just put it out there for everyone else to deal with.
Grow that mustache! Embrace equally the admiring glances and the snickering whispers. Life is too short to avoid doing the things that make you happy.