The Feminists: So, What’s With The Name?

We get asked about our band name. A lot. Something that is very shocking to people is the inescapable reality that there are three non-female members in a band called The Feminists. But Mike, Ferdy and Keith shouldn’t be made to feel inadequate because of their regrettable non-female status. I have accepted the fact that they possess XY chromosomes. There’s nothing they can do to change their chromosomes, poor little lambs. And they insist on identifying themselves as feminists, so what’s a girl to do?
I guess we could all try to wrap our brains around the mind-blowing concept that some XY chromosome humans have noticed that most XX chromosome humans do not have access to same economic, social, and political status that they themselves enjoy. Many XY chromosome humans are thoroughly decent people who were raised by strong, independent mothers. They aren’t stupid and blind to reality and they can see that the XX humans are getting the shaft. An enormous, painful, razor-bladed, jalapeno pepper coated shaft of prejudice, discrimination, unfairness, and injustice. But that’s patriarchy for ya. Affirmative action for racist, capitalist, straight white men.
Where was I? Oh yes.These smarter-than-your-average-bear XY chromosome humans feel empathy for the XX humans that are so grievously abused by the culture of patriarchy. They come into frequent contact with XX humans, and sometimes they even fall in love with them. They notice that the XX human experience is often more painful, unfair, unjust, and terrifying ONLY BECAUSE of that one teeny-tiny extra X chromosome. It hurts to see someone you love have to endure any kind of hardship or pain if you have reached a reasonable level of emotional maturity. The only logical conclusion one can reach in these circumstances is that something must be done so that the one you love can live free of fear, injustice, and unfairness.

In some cases, XY humans speak up to draw attention to their mother’s, sister’s, daughter’s, and lover’s plight. They stand up and say “our current system is unbalanced, and unfair, and unjust to XX humans!”. There are many ways to do this. Some of them write about it, some go to protests, some give money, some don’t let other XY’s get away with being sexist.

Some of them form a rock band and work with XX ‘s on the highest professional level. They let all that shit go about treating XX humans differently or worse than their XY friends. They have a very special ability to drop that whole ridiculous lens of gender that we all see each other through and just get on with the RAWK!

These are my favorite kind of XY humans.

We’re called The Feminists because we’re feminists. It’s very simple. Any XY human with an ounce of compassion and the ability to feel love in their hearts should be a feminist. All XX humans who desire fairness, justice, equality, a life free from fear, and the ability to make ALL of their own decisions should be feminists. Anything less is lazy, ignorant, and selfish.