The Feminists: Daily Blog, Pah

Now, I put an update on our website last week in which I foolishly mentioned the words “daily blog” . That was a little too ambitious. Maybe if I could get rid of my day job it might be more feasible. Mike, our erstwhile drummer, has reminded me every day since that I have not lived up to the promise of a “daily blog”. Oh well. I don’t see him picking up the slack.
Let me offer “a change of course”, just like the Bush administration does all the time. (“Weapons of mass destruction”! I mean, “promotion of democracy”! I mean, “controlling vital economic resources”!) I really meant “I’ll think about a blog entry every day, and write them whenever possible”…surely that was clear right from the very beginning, no? Is that better, Mike?
So basically this is a small bit of writing to say, whoa. Gotta go, no time to write. However, I will tantalize you all by mentioning that The Feminists recently participated in our first magazine photo shoot…a fashion shoot, nothing to do with music. Yes, we were models. I have a newfound respect for models that I never dreamed possible. As a genuine ardent feminist, I was moderately traumatized by the whole experience. Frankly, I’m still processing it. I will describe to you in breathless detail the whole utterly bizarre experience. But not now. Duty calls. Impersonating a grown-up really sucks most of the time.