The Feminists: Tour Season

Well, I guess there’s lots of stuff going on these days with the band. As you can see, we have a few shows coming up. You may also notice that these shows are scattered across several provinces…which can only mean one thing – it’s tour season!

Ever since Ferdy explained to me that indie rock follows a seasonal pattern, much like seafaring or farming I have looked forward to tour season. And so it approaches. Soon we will all be crammed into a van for seven full weeks. Hm. I’d like to retract what I said earlier about looking forward to tour season. I think I meant, here it comes; I wonder if it will kill me or make me stronger?

I don’t mean to complain…I am truly looking forward to playing the shows and watching how the songs tighten up and arrange themselves as we play the crap out of them to the exclusion of practically all other things. It is really fun to be in the rock and roll laboratory and experiment for weeks on end. And this time around, I have my laptop. My sweet, beautiful laptop. She will save me from ever having to listen to another series of monologues about guitars and all their accessories ever again. Also, I learned how to knit. I have found that this is by far the best way to wait patiently for a sound check. Well, I can’t get wasted before I play (believe me) so it’s knitting or bitching. And frankly, I think the knitting will get me into less trouble.

So, yes. We’re going on tour. For the love of God and all that is decent and pure, please come out to see us play when we come to your town. We’re taking a very long unpaid break from our day jobs to do this and we are throwing our fortunes into the wind…will we get paid for any of the shows? Will we sell any merch? Will the price of gas shoot up to $5.00 a litre, stranding us forever in Wawa, Ont.? Will we be able to afford to eat every single day? Who are the people we know well enough to ask for emergency cash infusions?

That’s all part of the fun, though. Not knowing what will become of us – will it be an exciting adventure or an unmitigated disaster?

We’ve got a new video for your viewing pleasure. Our pal Stokely threw a little something together for Hello Toronto. Go to the video section on our website and click on “what is spacey cat?” to view. Also, there is a movie called Sweet Easy that will be broadcast on CMT on Aug 18 (so they tell me).

Apparently this short film uses songs from our record Anything You Can Do. I’m kind of curious about this. No idea what the film is about, haven’t seen it. Hope it isn’t pornographic (probably not, if it’s on CMT) or woman hating. That would be awkward, wouldn’t it?

And, we have been in to studio recording new songs. Two of the new songs from our upcoming third (or fourth, depending on who you talk to) full length record are posted on our website. After we get back from tour, we’ll be hustling into the studio to bring forth a menacing, loud, distorted collection of thoughtfully reflective songs. Hopefully you will feel as angry listening to the new songs as I do when I’m playing them. And I mean that in the best possible way.