The Feminists: Reversal Of Fortune

This was a strange, action-packed day. Before it was time to play I taught some piano lessons, just like I normally do on Friday afternoons. Then after dinner it was off to load in at The Lamplighter. And then, I could return to the comfort of my own home for a couple of hours before it was time to rock. If only I could do that for all the other shows too. I suspect it would vastly improve my outlook.
We have played very few local shows this summer…the last one was a dead Wednesday night in July at The Cobalt, where all the other bands played loud heavy thick hardcore speed metal (and sounded great, I might add), and then we played our happy-sounding power pop which kinda sounded to me like The Muppets had crashed a Black Sabbath house party. During the third song of the set Ferdy accidentally yanked out the cable of my Korg with a particularly energetic Viking stomp and I was rendered mute until I finally managed to find the cable in question, crawling onstage picking through a massive nest of tangled patch cords, while the band played gaily on. That was a fun night. Then there was the Syd Barrett Tribute night also at The Lamplighter in August, but we only played three songs (three fucking fantastic Pink Floyd songs) so it didn’t really feel like a show. That was the night I got an emergency phone call at home breathlessly advising us that the order of performers had changed and we would be on within 30 minutes instead of two and a half hours. I dutifully rounded up Grief and Mike and we sped down to the club to meet Ferdy. Whereupon we found him playing solo bass and singing Sid Barrett songs. And then the order changed again, and we sat around for the next three and a half hours waiting to play. That was a fun night too.
Where was I? Oh yes, tour show at The Lamplighter. Morale was quite low after the Victoria debacle. We were expecting nothing except maybe a kick in the teeth. At least we were playing with some of my favorite Vancouver bands, Parlour Steps and Cinderpop.
I arrived just as the first opening band was starting, and there were people in the bar already, a hopeful sign. I thought that perhaps everyone would leave before we went on, but there were even more people when we went on around 11:30. We played a lot of the new songs that will be on the next album. We played a lot of old songs too. They all went well, and our drummer had a shiny new bass drum head. Thus the full glory of the Double Kick was restored and Zobac overwhelmed our senses with his Feet Of Thunder. It was so gratifying to look out over a sea of faces that were turned our way. People clapped and yelled and whooped and soon there was a little pool of dancers that had gathered in front of the stage. The crowd was just so energetic and appreciative – it makes such a difference to play for people who are actually listening. We got paid (!) more than enough to get to the next show in Golden. Lots of people came up to us and said nice things. It was a complete reversal of fortune compared to the night before.
And I got to sleep in my own bed.