The Feminists: A Higher Plane Of Existence

Flushed with a cautious triumph after the unexpectedly smashing show at the Lamplighter, we knew we had to be realistic about the Golden show. The venue had been changed at the last minute, it was a Monday night, and the 5th anniversary of Sept 11. The show was now going to be at a club where we had played four times before…to a completely empty bar, with a DIY soundboard and PA.
We arrived in Golden with plenty of time to load in and check into our rooms. The shows haven’t been great in Golden, but we have had the luxury of two free hotel rooms every time we’ve played there. This time we were playing with another band, a first for Golden for us. Usually we just play three hours of originals and covers for the bartender and waitresses and then go to bed.
The good news started as a trickle. Good news, we were going first before the local band so at least we would get to play for their crowd. Good news, we could play one long set and the other band would play until last call. Good news, I played my first games of fooz ball against Mike and Grief and managed to not humiliate myself.
Good news, the bar was filling up with people and it was time to play. We played a good solid hour of new songs and older ones we haven’t called in a long time and everything sounded pretty darn good. More people gathered while we played and screamed appreciatively after every song. It was very fun to watch how the increasing attention from the crowd ignited the guys. Ferdy had his teeth clenched for a lot of it. That’s how I can tell hes really getting into it. Grief did a lot of swiveling from the waist, generally a good sign. As usual Mike Zobac drove the band with a firm hand. Well, Ferdy didn’t give him much of a choice. His pulse was fierce and undeniable. Afterward we sold a lot of merch. Lots of people came up to talk to us and tell us how awesome we were. On off-duty waitress bought us a round of shots which we pounded back in unison. And we got paid from the bar. Enough to get us to the next show in Red Deer.
A lot of this good news was made possible by Disasterman, the local band we opened for. They brought out a good crowd of enthusiastic, good-looking people. They also saved the show by moving it when the original venue got shut down. All praise to Disasterman and the good people of Golden, easily one of the best crowds we’ve ever played for.
Ferdy and I were discussing this inexplicable change of fortune while we were busy doing brisk business at the merch table. We’ve played the exact same club four times before and it was equally sad and empty every other time. Perhaps we have increased our collective vibrations to attain a higher plane of existence and have broken into the next level of shows…the kind where we don’t have to worry about money and can just enjoy playing the songs, you know, focus on the music, like musicians are supposed to do. That’s sort of what I had in mind when I decided to do music full time. I was so innocent and naive, though. I thought that I would play music all the time as a musician. Little did I know that most of my time would be spent scrambling for gigs that paid enough to cover rent and groceries, and that being a musician would basically just suck all my time and money and passion into a deep black hole, never to return.
After two very fun, good sounding shows I can feel the icy bitterness that has enveloped my soul and thwarted my enjoyment of playing music for the past year or so start to soften and melt the tiniest little bit. I have no expectations for the the Red Deer show. I’m just looking forward to playing songs as loud as possible in front of people.