The Feminists: At Least It’s Warmer Rain Now

You know, I remember when we drove through the prairies last year. I was really amazed at how beautiful it was, oh gee, oh golly, etc etc. This time it just rained. So it was lot more boring because there was nothing to look at outside. At least it’s warmer rain now. Wow. I feel like I’m reaching to try and look at the bright side. Well, its raining again, but at least I’m not quite as cold and wet as yesterday.
Oh yes. I’m sick. I’m all hopped up on a variety of cold medicine goofballs. Getting sick while on tour has always been one of my greatest fears. What if I can’t sing? What if I collapse in a fevered delirium onto my keyboards during the intro for 21st Century Ghost? As soon as Grief got sick I knew we were done for. We’re jammed into a tiny, cold, kinda dirty metal capsule. Not enough room to avoid germs. Plus, we only brought one bong. Maybe next year we should have individual ones to prevent the spread of colds.
We got to the venue, which hadn’t changed its marquee since June 25. Not a good sign. No posters for any shows including ours anywhere. I think this is our third year of playing in Winnipeg to the sound guy and the bartender. Who were both appreciative and they gave us $50, and the sound guy gave us some of his birthday cake so I guess technically it could be worse. We were surprisingly cheerful onstage and played very well – relaxed, intense, focused, precise. The onstage sound was quite good and we called all the tunes we hadn’t played yet, which resulted in a pretty interesting set of wildly contrasting songs. Also there was a spontaneous shots section that happened during the bass breakdown in Brand New Common Sense which sounded pre-arranged, even though it had never happened before and never will again. It turned out to be one of our most effective rehearsals ever, and we got paid to do it. Still. Will we ever have a good show in Winnipeg? I keep hearing what an arts/music mecca it is, but we have yet to find the right venue to play at. Help me, people. Where should The Feminists play in Winnipeg? Why is Winnipeg unwilling to reveal herself to us? Did we do something to Winnipeg? If so, we’re sorry.
Before the show we went to a very nice little internet cafe. We live for internet cafes. It’s a wonderful thing to lose oneself in a world that is larger than a van sized tin can.
It was not raining – repeat, not raining – when we went to bed (or, in my case, went to blanket pile on plywood between two front seats) and so it was suggested that I leave the windows open a crack to reduce condensation and have fresh air. Around 4:30 am I jolted awake in utter confusion as it dawned on me that there had just been a massive amount of rain roar into the van through the drivers side open window and I was soaked, everything, all 50 layers of blankets and sleeping bags, from the knees down. I struggled to close the window and wondered what to do next. No dry blankets were available, and it was much colder in the van now that there were torrents of rain and howling winds. Resignedly, I wrung out, yes that’s right, I wrung out my bedding while sleeping outdoors during a rainstorm in the middle of the night in Winnipeg, rearranged what I could, and curled up in the tiniest ball possible in the least damp section of my bed. Why am I doing this, I thought. Why have I spent all my money to drive across three provinces to play for nobody, live in primitive conditions in horrible weather, and end up sick, soaked and freezing in the middle of the night?