The Feminists: Free Concerts All Year Round

Personally, I believe that “live music performance” is the invention of which humanity should be the most proud. Somehow along the way over the last few million years or so, which is the very recent past as far as the history of the planet goes, and maybe just a few minutes ago as far as the age of the universe goes, our species invented and developed the notion of a group of people producing sounds in a recognizably unified fashion.
The dividends that humanity has reaped from this invention cannot be overestimated. Being in the presence of people producing recognizably unified sounds mysteriously creates a sense of happiness that is all the sweeter for being shared with other music admirers. Happiness leads to things such as relaxation, forgiveness of past hurts, affection for loved ones (and sometimes even strangers), optimism for the future, and perhaps best of all, the realization that there is no better moment than this one happening right now.
You’d think the government would provide us all with free concerts all year round, if for no other reason than to keep the great unwashed masses content and docile. Wouldn’t that be a better world to live in? Music actually being utilized for its ability to make people feel happy? Musicians would able to ply their craft and not starve at the same time. Sigh. Imagine that.