Parlour Steps CBC Radio 2 Canada Live

Oh boy! I’m a big fan of the Canada Live Series on CBC Radio 2, so imagine my delight when Caleb told us we were going to be a part of it. A big CBC Radio truck was parked outside The Biltmore as we loaded in our gear. There were cables everywhere. This was my first show playing without charts. And my first show singing harmony vocals with Julie. I asked a lovely photographer friend of mine, Lisa McBride, to come down and take some live shots of us, as there are none yet with me playing in the band. Here are the fruits of her labor.

It didn’t take long to get over being anxious and start having a great time. Lisa was running all over snapping pictures, people were dancing, and it was fantastically loud onstage.

I really liked Lisa’s individual shots of us too. Here’s Julie.

And Rees.



And me.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I get to do this, play in this band with these wonderful people and do such cool stuff. Yay!

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