Your Teacher Is Away On Tour

Hello Lovely Parents and Students,
I found out today that my band’s record label will be sending us to Toronto on Monday for a week of shows in Ontario and Quebec. I’ll be away from Mon. Nov. 16 to Mon. Nov. 23, back at work on Tues. Nov. 24. Tuesday-Friday students will have one week off, Monday students have 2 weeks off. I’m sorry for the short notice, and I thank you all for your understanding. I will email your December invoices from the road and apply a credit for these missed lessons.
You can check out the Parlour Steps new album and reviews at and

I’ll be doing some blogs and video postings (hopefully) while on tour. If you would like to receive these updates, please let me know.

I also found out today that Mount Olivet Lutheran Church confirmed my reservation for the Winter Piano Recital. The concert will be Sunday December 20 at 5:00pm. Mark your calandars! I’ll send another email in December to remind you.

About practicing: I’ve been waiting to get confirmation about this tour for the last week or so and so gave most students an extra big assignment this week in case I would be away. It’s up to each family to decide if they would like their piano kid to take a week off, or keep practicing until I get back. The same goes for adult students, of course. If students master everything in the last practice session I’ve written for them, here are some ideas for additional playing:

– start working on the next song in Lesson, Technique, and Songbooks.
– work ahead in Theory and Notespeller books
– get out your Christmas books and start practicing Christmas carols!

See you all again the week of Nov. 24!

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