Torn Between Two Lovers

Recently I took up the guitar. For a long time I was conflicted about this. I was worried that the piano might not understand. After all, we had been together without interruption for 27 years. And it’s not that the piano isn’t exciting or satisfying anymore, it is. It’s not like I’ve mastered the piano and am ready to move on to master the guitar. There is a LONG way to go for me as a piano player.
I wasn’t expecting the guitar to come along and bash me over the head with a sense of urgency to start playing it, right now. But that’s essentially what happened. Coco and I were enjoying some precious lady time together and we were watching “This Is It”, the documentary about Michael Jackson’s rehearsals for his planned comeback shows in London. We were totally gobsmacked by the amazing-ness of MJ’s band. And then this incredible woman marched out onto the catwalk to play her guitar solos with Michael. The awesome Slash rhythm part in Black and White. The awesome Eddie Van Halen solo in Beat It. I was transfixed. The guitar bashed me over the head with a sudden sense of urgency to learn how to play it.
I said to Coco “Oh my god, I want to learn how to play the electric guitar!” “You should!” she said, always supportive.
Two days later I was at Long and McQuade, renting a guitar. I found a teacher and started lessons the following week. As of yet, I do not sound like the woman in the MJ movie.
But that’s okay. It’s intoxicating to be a beginner again with a musical instrument. My guitar lessons are totally helping become a better piano teacher, and if nothing else I am newly reminded to be constantly empathetic and patient with beginners. As long as I don’t watch Strictly Ballroom again and decide to take up ballroom dancing (which my husband sneeringly refers to as “that stupid prancing”) everything should be fine.