Mid-Term Piano Lessons Newsletter

Hello Lovely Parents and Students,
Normally I send out a Beginning-Of-Term Newsletter, but I’m a little behind the times this year. I’m four and half months pregnant, and to my great surprise this has considerably slowed my work output. Ah, I think I hear some mothers out there chuckling at my naivete. I honestly thought I’d just proceed as normal full steam ahead until the baby is born. Alas, this has not been the case.
I digress. Here is some important information I’d like to share with you all.

* How To Practice
Attached are some suggestions for how to practice effectively. I believe the main component to successful practicing is a consistent, predictable routine. If you can build piano practice time into your (or your child’s) daily routine you will be rewarded with steady, inspiring progress. I’ve also attached a short bio describing my teaching qualifications and experience for those who may be curious.

* Performance Videos Posted

I’ve posted more student videos on my website. (www.alisonmaira.com) This batch is from June 2011 (I told you I was behind the times). There’s some lovely performances, feel free to check them out. Go to the Students section of the site, videos are organized by student name.

* Supervised Practice Sessions

Students under age 10 can really benefit from supervised practice sessions. A parent or caregiver can help the student read and follow their practice assignment and thus insure a more effective practice session.

* Piano Assignment Check-In

All school age students over age 10 can greatly benefit from a parent or caregiver listening to them go through their piano assignment – and checking to see if they are following the instructions – once a week. Bad habits or wrong guesses can be nipped in the bud, and you will get an immediate sense if your child is practicing enough, or effectively.

* General Practice Guidelines

I recommend 4 practice sessions every week – more is better, and if your child loves to play please encourage them to get on the piano at every opportunity. Session times are minimum suggestions. Longer is better, and sometimes a difficult piece will demand longer practice sessions.
Hal Leonard Program, Level 1: 15 minute sessions.
Level 2: 20 minute sessions. Level 3: 25 minute sessions. Level 4: 30 minute sessions. Level 5: 40 minute sessions.
Alfred’s Level 1 All in One: 15 minute sessions. Alfred’s Level 2: 20 minute sessions. Alfred’s Level 3: 30 minute sessions.
Alfred’s Adult All In One: 20 minute sessions. Alfred’s Adult Level 2: 30 minute sessions. Alfred’s Adult Level 3: 45 minute sessions.

* Don’t Forget

To play for fun, to listen to lots of music – familiar and new – and to go see live music when you can. The piano students who love their instrument and practice willingly are the ones who have plenty of musical inspiration.

Thanks for reading. Please contact me with any questions or comments you may have:)

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