Winter 2011 Piano Concert!

Hello Lovely Parents and Students,
It’s that wonderful time of year once again. Our annual Winter Piano Concert will be held on Saturday December 17 at 2:00pm at the Mount Olivet Lutheran Church, 1700 Mountain Highway in North Vancouver. All students are invited to perform a song at the concert. Friends, family, and grandparents are all welcome. Please RSVP to me regarding your and/or your child’s attendance at the recital.
Following the performances there will be a short reception in the church sanctuary. I will provide coffee, tea, and juice. If you are planning to attend the recital, please bring a plate of desserts or appetizers to share afterward.
This is a performance opportunity, not an obligation. If you or your child become too nervous to perform while at the church please tell me and I will change the program accordingly, this is not a problem. Church appropriate attire please. Cameras are welcome, and feel free to come up to the front when your child is playing to take better pictures or movies.
I’ll be filming short videos of all my students playing their concert songs during their lesson throughout the month of December. The new videos will be posted on my website. This way all the students, whether or not they will be at the concert, will have their performances recorded and posted for their family and friends to admire.
Thanks for another great year of music study,
ps – here is a link to the latest blog post on my website – your input and comments are welcome.