Substitute Teacher and Tax Credit Info

Hello again Lovely Parents,
A couple of quick tidbits of information for you:

– Hilary Grist, one of the subs on my referral list, is finalizing her teaching schedule and wanted me to pass on to you that she will be unable to accept any more students after Feb. 6. If you were thinking of engaging her to teach your child in my absence, she would appreciate an email in the next week or so.

– Canada Revenue Agency has announced a tax credit for the 2011 tax year that allows parents to claim a maximum of $500 of fees paid towards ” a prescribed program of artistic, cultural, recreational, or developmental activity” Looks like music lessons qualify for this tax credit. Here’s the CRA link:

Apparently you don’t need to include the receipts to claim this, you just need to have a copy of them. Let me know if you get audited and need some receipts for lessons, I have copies of your paid invoices.

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