Last Week Of Lessons!

Hello Lovely Parents and Students,
Just a reminder that next week March 5-9 is my last week of teaching (unless the baby decides otherwise sooner than that). I’m thinking I’ll return at reduced hours 3:30-7:30 in early May, but I’ll have to see how it goes and I will email you again around that time and let you know exactly when I’ll be back in the saddle.
I will be teaching a lot of you for the last time this week and next, and that makes me sad. I know I’m in for an amazing adventure with my baby and figuring out motherhood…but I will really miss the life I have had for the past few years seeing you all every week. I hope to see some of you again in October when I return after my 3 months off. For those of you who have found another teacher, I wish you great and happy lessons.
If you currently have lessons between 3:30 and 7:30 are not planning to study with another teacher during my absence and would like me to draw up a large assignment of material to keep you or your child occupied, please email me to remind me to do so. I know some of you have mentioned this, but I realized today I haven’t been keeping a list and so will need a refresher.
If you would like to study with another teacher but haven’t been able to contact or co-ordinate schedules with my suggested referrals, you may want to try Creativ Music Centre on Brooksbank Ave. in North Van. They have a great roster of teachers and are quite flexible with scheduling.
I will be leaving invoices for music books and materials this week for those of you who will need new books while I’m away and collecting for this next week.
Thank you all for another great year of music study, and for all your kind words of wisdom about babies and the wonders of having children. It’s been lovely to hear about some of your parenting experiences and stories.

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