Piano Lessons Fall 2012

Hello Lovely Parents and Students,
I’ve had a wonderful month at home with Elisabeth since the piano recital at the end of June. Thank you so much for the beautiful card and flowers and of course the Visa gift card – everything was deeply appreciated.
I’ve decided to make some changes to my teaching practice, changes I’ve wanted to make for years. Now that I’m teaching part time and fewer students it seems like the right time to overhaul my lesson plans and teach better lessons that make the maximum use of my limited time – lessons that will hopefully increase my students enjoyment and benefit from their time with me.
I’m going to be teaching 45 minute lessons instead of 30 minutes for all students. (Please note: I don’t prepare students for Royal Conservatory of Music exams, although I do teach Royal Conservatory repertoire and technique)
There are several elements I will be incorporating into the longer lessons: Theory workbook pages, composition & improvisation, and duets. Each student will now perform two selections at the Winter and Summer Piano Concerts and performance videos; one solo and one duet with me. Students will no longer have to complete their theory assignments during the week between lessons.
I have 12 lesson spots available from 3:30-7:30 on Tues, Wed, and Thurs. I’ll be returning to work on Tues. Oct. 2. Plese let me know if there is a particular time slot you would like to reserve. One more thing – if the price of gas continues to rise and stays above $1.50 per litre I will be increasing my monthly mileage charge to $15.00.

Hope your summer is great and I look forward to seeing you in October,
In-Home Piano Lessons