Why Study Music?

Why Study Music?
– To have an outlet for creativity and self expression.
– Playing and listening to music stimulates the imagination.
– Music helps the brain grow.  Playing, listening to, and reading music physically develops both hemispheres of the brain.
– To develop listening skills.
– Music is a potential in every person and like all potentials should be developed to its highest possible expression.
– Music study develops focused attention, concentration, and self discipline.
– To develop an understanding of delayed gratification, and the value of sustained effort.
– To develop higher thinking skills such as analysis and synthesis.
– To experience the thrill of challenges met.
– Music study uniquely enhances higher brain functions required for reading, math, chess, and engineering.
– Music provides a glimpse of other cultures and history.
– Music study forces one to conquer fear and take risks.
– Playing a musical instrument is a potent stress reliever.