Mid-Term Piano Lessons Newsletter January 2013

Hello Lovely Parents and Students,
Here are a few newsy tidbits from the wonderful world of piano lessons I wanted to share with you.

Winter Recital (just barely)
Our winter concert is very late this year – a December concert seemed too soon upon resuming lessons in October this year due to my maternity leave – and I am happy to report that the venue and date has been confirmed.

Sunday March 3rd, 2013 at 2pm
St. Catherine’s Anglican Church in Edgemont Village.
St. Catherine’s Anglican Church is located at 1058 Ridgewood Dr (just off of Highlands Blvd) in North Vancouver. There is no street parking in front of the church, but ample parking in the back lot. Please have a look at the directions on how to access the parking lot: http://saint-catherines.org/HTML/2010/2010-05-18%20Map.html

All students are invited to perform a song at the concert. Friends, family, and grandparents are all welcome. Please RSVP to me regarding your child’s attendance at the recital. Following the performances there will be a short reception in the church sanctuary. If you are planning to attend the recital, please bring a plate of desserts or appetizers to share afterwards. Church appropriate attire please.

As I am working part time and have only a few students this year, I have joined forces with another North Van piano teacher and the concert will feature her students as well as mine. Dawn Pemberton is a fantastic teacher and musician and I`m very much looking forward to her students` performances. Her website is http://www.dawnpemberton.ca, check it out if you are hungry for some tasty soul music and musical inspiration.

Studio Policies, How To Practice, Weekly Assignment Sheets
Last week I dropped off Studio Policies 2013 and How To Practice sheets. Please take a look at these, as well as the weekly assignment sheets, and go over the practice tips with your child. It never hurts to reinforce good practice habits or start new ones. Everyone is so busy these days; I hate to see students and parents wasting valuable time with inefficient piano practice. Following the practice guide and the weekly assignment sheets will increase your child`s productivity at the piano and may even lead to having more fun during practice and lessons:)

Practice Schedules
Consistency and routine is so important when practicing any musical instrument. I’ve asked all my students to devise a practice schedule and I humbly ask for your help as parents to make this happen. It doesn’t have to be totally rigid i.e. “Wednesday 4:00-4:25pm” but it could be something like “30 minutes before TV time on days there is no soccer practice”. The idea is to practice at least 4 days a week between lessons for at least 20 minutes at a time. Please record the minutes in the practice logs provided in the weekly assignment sheets, and please help your child come up with at least 4 practice opportunities in your family’s weekly schedule. This is a way for them to take responsibility for their part in piano lessons (they practice; you provide the lessons) and learn how to manage their time. It will also help them make steady progress, which promotes self esteem and enjoyment of music.

Thank you for reading and thank you for supporting and encouraging your child with their piano lessons. We are a team, parents and teacher together working hard to draw out the best in your child and help them explore their full potential in the ancient mysterious world of music. Whether or not they pursue music at its highest levels is irrelevant. The skills they gain from music study is what matters: self expression, pride in challenges met, self discipline, and the sheer pleasure of listening to and playing beautiful music.

I hope to see you all at the recital!