Beginning Of Term Newsletter September 2014

Hello Lovely Parents and Students,

Another summer draws to a close and the time has come to hop merrily back into the saddle of piano study and music making. Weekly lessons commence next week starting on Tues. Sept. 3. Now is the time to track down all your piano books, crack open the good old piano assignment binder and get in a few good practices of your last assignment before I see you in a few days.

September Invoices: For those of you who have not paid in advance for this month, I will be emailing your invoices this weekend.

Mileage Charge: In July, I changed my mileage charge from $10.00 per month to $3.00 per lesson. You will see the mileage charge at the bottom right of your invoice.

Practice Schedule: As soon as you know your child’s September activity schedule, I highly recommend sitting down with your piano student and working out a weekly piano practice routine. If it’s written into the student’s schedule, they will not have to scramble to find time every week to get their work done. If you set block in piano practice for 5 or 6 days a week, you have some flexibility to miss one or two of those sessions if something comes up. Four practice sessions every week is a reasonable goal to start with (but 5 or 6 is better!) Attached is “How To Practice” tips, and at the bottom of that “A Note For Parents About Assignment Sheets”.

January Fee Increase: Never good news to hear as a customer, but I wanted to give everyone plenty of notice. In January 2015 I will be raising my lesson rate to $40.00 per lesson. My last rate increase was in 2005 and I will endeavor to keep the ‘every ten years’ pattern going.

Studio Policies: Attached you will find my 2014 policies regarding cancellations. A brief summary: Every student receives two free cancellations for Sept-June. No credits for the third cancellation and beyond, but I do offer make-up lessons.

Repertoire: If you (or your student) has a hard time finding song to play, there are two websites I can recommend. and have a huge selection of songs in all genres. You can preview the first page before you buy – or print it out for me to see – to assess if the piece is at an appropriate level. A trip to Long & McQuade on Main St. is also an option. You can try the songs out on their pianos to see if they’re doable and the employees there are helpful. Doing some research on youtube can be fun. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to watch a video or listen to a song to get some ideas about what you like or don’t like.

Space For New Student: I have one lesson time available on Thursday eve 6:30-7:15pm and am looking for a school aged student age 7-15 or an adult 16+ who likes music, has a generally sunny outlook, and is interested in playing piano. If you know someone who might be a good fit, please feel free to pass along the link to my website

I’m looking forward to seeing all your happy faces next week! Have a lovely long weekend.