Winter Piano Recital Program 2015

Hello Lovely Parents and Students,
It’s going to be a very small concert tomorrow, due to most of my adult students being extremely shy about performing and a bad round of colds and flu that have further thinned the ranks. Here is the program for the recital.

Winter Piano Concert January 17 2015

1. Alison Maira – Why Should I Cry For You?
2. Sharlene Hertz – When The Saints Go Marching In (solo)
Elephant Waltz (duet)
3. Rebecca Knowles – Clocks (solo)
The Flintstones (duet)
4. Evan Hancock – Cartoon Villiain (solo)
A Dog Chasing Its Tail (duet)
5. Sarah Chernenkoff – The Scientist (solo)
Music Box Dancer (duet)
6. Rosie Hancock – Prelude in 18th Century Style (solo)
Yankee Doodle (duet)
7. Sylvie Romanick – Spanish Dance (solo)
Spring (duet)

The details once again –
Saturday Jan. 17 3:00
Mount Olivet Lutheran Church, 1700 Mountain Hwy.
Church appropriate attire please
Refreshments in the church sanctuary after the concert

See you tomorrow!