Teacher Seeks Student

I have one lesson time that has recently become available, if you or your child is interested in piano lessons and you live in North Vancouver. I would dearly love to meet another adult beginner or adult looking to regain lost piano knowledge, but luckily I like all kinds of people of all ages (as long as they are 7 or older. I like young children, but most are not ready for a 45 minute piano lesson) and would be happy to meet anyone who has a generally sunny outlook, enjoys listening to music, has some time to practice, and is even mildly fascinated with the piano. You provide the mild fascination and willingness to practice and I will provide the encouraging, calm instruction and clear directions you will need to become a well rounded, curious, note reading, expressive piano player with beautiful technique and exposure to many genres of music.
I also tell jokes, am a good listener, and enjoy giving enthusiastic praise for a job well done. Those are free services included in the price of a lesson. A fantastic deal!