Piano Recital Details!

Hello Lovely Parents and Students,
Our Summer Piano Concert takes place this Saturday May 26 at 2:30pm. The location is Mount Olivet Lutheran Church, 1700 Mountain Hwy in North Vancouver (Mtn Hwy @ 17th). I will be there by 2:00 to set up. Students can come early to try out the piano before we start if they want. Dress code is ‘church appropriate’. Please put a bookmark in your music book for your songs, and tape duet pages together. The church is booked for several events that day so unfortunately we won’t be able to linger afterwards for refreshments. I anticipate the concert will last about 45 minutes, maybe less.

I’ve rehearsed the recital procedure with most students this week; here’s the information again to go over with your child if necessary:
– I will call the student’s name and introduce them and their songs to the audience. When you hear your name, start walking down the aisle to the piano. Bring your music books and duet sheet music.

– seat yourself at the piano bench. I will adjust the bench for the smaller students.

– open your book to your solo piece (even if you have it memorized)

– take your time to find your starting notes and set your hand position.

– when you are ready, begin your solo!

– after your solo, everyone will clap. Then I will join you at the piano bench for your duet.

– Find your starting notes and hand position. I will “count us in” softly and then we play our duet!

– everyone will clap again. Gather up your music book and duet sheet music.

– take a brief pause for a smile to your family when you face the audience. A bow or curtsy is also ok, if you want.

– walk back down the aisle and rejoin your family. You did it! Whew! Now you can relax:)

Right after the concert, I would like to take a group photo of all the students. I’d also like to give each student a handwritten card and take an individual picture with them. Please stick around for a few minutes afterward for this if you are able.

About mistakes: if you make a little mistake right at the beginning and would like to restart, go ahead. If you make a mistake in the middle or near the end, just keep going. I will come and sit with you on the piano bench and help you find your place in the music if you get really lost. Mistakes are not a big deal – it’s part of performing. How you handle the mistakes is what’s important. You must be brave, stay calm, and keep going. I find most student performances are about 90% good, that’s just fine by me. Let’s celebrate the 90% good and not worry about the small number of wrong notes that might occur.

Program (let me know if you need a change)

Alison Maira – Ain’t Misbehavin’
Maya Whiteley – Growing Up
Danica Yardley – solo: Rockets, duet: Quiet River
Emiko Whiteley – solo: Summer Evenings, duet: Painted Rocking Horse
Leo Acob – solo: Take Me Out To The Ballgame, duet: Purple People Eater
Sascha Yardley – solo: When The Saints Go Marching In, duet: Morning
Ella Panton- solo: Penguin Heat Wave, duet: This Land Is Your Land
Aidan Chernenkoff – solo: The Scientist, duet: Imperial March
Nikita Yardley – solo: Mad Mad World, duet: Do-Re-Mi
Evan Panton – solo: Star Wars Main Theme, duet: Air
Rebecca Knowles – duet: Rockin Robin, solo: Stay
Sharlene Hertz – solo: Arkansas Traveller, duet: Rock Around The Clock

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to seeing all your shining faces on Saturday afternoon!