Shirley, 2018

This lovely lady is one of the busiest, happiest, well organized people I know – retired or otherwise. Shirley is also is a big Elvis fan. Here she is playing Blue Suede Shoes, and she is currently learning Love Me Tender. Shirley told me a great story about her memories of listening to Blue Suede Shoes. She was in nursing school when Elvis was blasting on to the scene in the 1950’s. All the young nurses on the night shift stopped what they were doing to watch Elvis Presley perform Blue Suede Shoes on the Ed Sullivan show. The matron in charge (because unmarried young ladies needed a chaperone in those days)that night sneered “He’s nothing but a passing fad” but those nurses did not and could not tear themselves away from the tv, even though their innocence was being corrupted right before the matron’s very eyes and they drank in the spectacle of young Elvis dancing in a very suggestive fashion. 60 years later I guess we can say the matron and all the skeptical parents of the day are on the wrong side of history. Shirley tells this story was a mischievious glint in her eye and always finishes with ” I wonder where THAT matron is now. Probably dead!” in a deeply satisfied way. Shirley is an essential and wonderful part of my Tuesday afternoons.