Practice Tips For Piano Students

Practice Tips For Piano Students

1. Make sure you have a quiet place to practice.
2. Gather your materials (piano assignment worksheet, songbooks, lesson books, metronome, pencil) and have them ready at the piano.
3. Open your piano binder and turn to this week’s assignment sheet that I have written for you.
4. Follow your practice instructions carefully. Ask your parents or teacher for help if you need it.
5. Practice slowly. Go slow enough to keep a steady beat, play the correct notes, and use the correct fingers. If you make mistakes, you are playing too fast. The speed of your playing will gradually increase as your fingers become more confident.
6. Be kind to yourself. Learning how to play music takes a lot of effort and there will be many mistakes along the way.You can do it. You will feel so proud of yourself every time you master a new song.
7. Build practice time into your family or personal calendar. Set aside at least five 15 minute sessions every week, and make it part of your weekly routine.
8. It is not a waste of time to practice for only 5 minutes. Small frequent sessions work very well for many people, especially young children. Do not fall into the trap of avoiding practice because you don’t have 3 uninterrupted hours to devote to that piece that really needs work.
9. Take breaks if necessary. If you are becoming filled with rage or frustration, STEP AWAY FROM THE PIANO. Come back later with a clear head and renewed optimism.
10. Patience, patience, patience. There is no way to know how many times it will take before you master it. 99% of the time it will be more than you think it should be. Every repetition takes you closer to your goal. You will get there. It will be worth it.