Tis The Season To Play Christmas Music

Hello Lovely Parents and Students,
The time has come for all good little piano students to learn their favorite (or their parent’s favorite) Christmas songs. This is mostly because good little piano students will be, heavily encouraged shall we say, to play Christmas carols for their visiting grandma, or for the neighbors and friends who have popped over, or during a rockin Christmas party.
It’s a really nice time of year to share music with the ones we love. And it’s wonderful to see the happiness that comes from listening to a cherished child or grandchild or young friend play a confident version of Jungle Bells. Please let me know if you need some new Christmas music songbooks for yourself or your child.

Here is a splendid group of students (all siblings) and their mother playing a special arrangement of Jingle Bells that we created for 3 piano players and one violin.