Resuming In-Person Piano Lessons

The Mobile Piano Geek

May 29, 2020
Resuming In-Person Piano Lessons

Dear Parents and Students,
I wanted to touch base with you about resuming in-person piano lessons. Certainly, changes will be happening moving forward. Here is some information I would like to share with you.

Teacher and Student Safety:
In-person lessons will look different than before. I will be wearing a cloth mask, and I’ll be changing masks before I go into each house. I will bring hand sanitizer and clean my hands in your house before each lesson and during the lesson too, if necessary. I will ask the student to sanitize their hands as well. I’ve been looking into disinfecting piano keys and a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a damp cloth seems to be the most practical. This will work on ivory and plastic keys and not damage the finish. I will be carrying this with me as well and doing a quick clean of the piano keys before each lesson. It’s probably best if I use the same chair in your house for every lesson. I will not be offended if you clean this chair at the end of every lesson. I think it would be better if I leave my jacket in my car whenever possible and leave my shoes at your front door.

Teacher and Student Illness:
I have gone to work with a moderate to severe cold in the past. I have also sat next to hundreds of sick students. Both of these things cannot happen anymore. I have a child and vulnerable elders in my family to protect, and I know most of you do too. This is where online piano lessons can really come in handy. From now on, I will not be coming to work if I or anyone in my household has cold or flu symptoms. We can have lessons online that day if I’m well enough. You must cancel our in-person piano lessons if your child or anyone in your household has cold or flu symptoms. We can move that lesson to online delivery if the student is feeling well enough. I reserve the right to cancel in-person lessons and reschedule them as online sessions if the student or their family members are presenting with cold and flu symptoms.

In addition, I would like to you to know that I have been interacting only with my husband and daughter since March 14. My husband and I have been working from home since March 16. My daughter will not be returning to school in June. I have had a few encounters with two friends, but outside only and two metres apart. Mike and I have left the house only for a weekly shopping trip (taking turns) and for bike rides and walks.

I feel confident about resuming in-person lessons with the safety policies I have outlined above. I am open to your suggestions and comments. Please let me know if you would like to resume in-person lessons for June. We would return to 45 minute lessons once a week. If you are not ready to resume in-person lessons, we can continue with online lessons but the time slot might change if I need to organize specific online and in-person work days.
Thank you for your resilience and adaptability these past 8 weeks or so. I am very much hoping to see all your shining faces again soon.