End Of Term Newsletter

Mobile Piano Geek End Of Term Newsletter

Hello Lovely Parents and Students,
Here we are at the end of a school year unlike any other. Usually my year end newsletter would say, thank you for attending and participating in a wonderful piano recital, please contact me to book summer lessons if you are interested, and I will be accepting deposits to hold your lesson time over the summer for those of you resuming in September.
This year, I am reluctant to try and plan anything for September. All of us have had our lives upended by the pandemic and it seems a bit crazy to ignore that and proceed as normal with definite plans far into the future that could be dashed at any time depending on how the coronavirus spreads in B.C. In the past three months all of us have experienced enormous, wrenching events and losses that have affected us deeply. Long term planning has gone out the window for me and I suspect for many of you too. Day to day and week to week feels a little more manageable for me. To that end, here are the plans and information I would like to share with you.

Summer Lessons:
My teaching hours are Monday-Thursday, 2:30-7:30pm. Please contact me if you would like to book lessons during July and August.

Resuming Lessons in September:
I won’t ask for a deposit this year to secure your lesson time. Please let me know if you would like to resume lessons in September and we can schedule a lesson time in late August or early September.

In Other News:
I’ve been accepted to the M.Ed in Counselling Psychology program at SFU for September 2020. I’m thrilled! It’s a very competitive, highly regarded program. I’ll be immersed in child development, education, and counselling for the next two years, which makes me really happy and will also make me a better teacher. Unfortunately, I have no information yet about my schedule. I would love to teach at least a couple days a week while I’m in school. I will share my school schedule with you as soon as I know it and we can plan lesson times from there.

Thank you dear parents and delightful students for your resilience and effort this year to keep going with piano, to keep learning and growing even when life became very weird and difficult. Thank you for your patience as I figured out Zoom and how to teach online lessons. I’ve always enjoyed being your teacher but this year has been extra special. I hope I see many of you this summer and all of you in September. Have a great summer!