Beginning of Term Newsletter 2021

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Beginning of Term Newsletter 2021

Hello Lovely Parents and Students,

Happy New School Year! Education is a beautiful thing. I am so pleased to teach, guide, listen and learn with your children on their piano journey. Attached are my Studio Polices and How To Practice tips. Here is some important information I wanted to share.

No lessons during the first week of school, to save our collective sanity. Regular lessons will commence the week of Sept. 13.

Covid-19 Safety: To protect unvaccinated children under 12, I will continue to wear a mask during in-person lessons and sanitize my hands frequently. I am fully vaccinated. I will cancel in-person lessons if I feel unwell or have symptoms, and I ask that you do the same if your child/ren are unwell or showing symptoms. We can reschedule these lessons for online delivery if possible.

Cancellations: each student receives two free cancellations per school year. Please let me know when you would like to use you cancellation credits. Any subsequent cancellations will not be refunded or credited, but you can arrange a make-up lesson with me if you wish. I have availability for make-up lessons on Saturday afternoons.        

How to prepare for a wonderful year of piano study:
-Schedule piano practice times into the family calendar. Set aside time for 4 piano practice sessions of at least 20 minutes every week.
-Start a “Songs I Like” list. This will be helpful when considering what repertoire to study next.
-Arrange for piano tuning or keyboard maintenance if needed.

-Practice your most recent Piano Practice Assignment in your piano binder to get ready for your next lesson. Don’t worry if your skills are rusty! The point is to get in the habit of practicing and playing piano again.

How to practice: At every practice session, open the piano lessons binder. Go to the assignment sheet from your last lesson. Do everything on the list as many times it says (more is better) or for the number of minutes indicated. Set a timer for at least 20 minutes. If you reach the bottom of the list and time has not run out, start again at the top of the list or practice the item that was the most difficult.

Thank you for reading! Please contact me with any questions or comments you may have.