Post Pandemic In-Person Piano Recital June 2022!

Hello again Lovely Parents and Students,
I’d like to have an in-person piano recital in June for all my students and their families. Alas, the venue I usually rent for recitals has been sold and is no longer available. I’m reaching out to all of you to see if any of us have access to a venue or know of some places that I can contact. I’m looking for a small room in North Van with a good-sounding upright or grand piano that could seat maybe 30 people or so during the last 3 weekends of June (June 11/12, or 18/19 or 25/26) I’ve looked into some churches and church basements but haven’t found anything great. I could definitely use more options!
Any information, suggestions, or ideas you all might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time and help:)