Piano Lessons

About In-Home Piano Lessons:
I graduated from Capliano University (North Vancouver, B.C.) with a Bachelor Of Music Degree in Jazz Studies, Education Major, Piano Concentration.  I have 15 years of piano teaching experience, references gladly available. I provide piano and music theory lessons in your home.  I teach students of all ages 7 and up. I especially enjoy teaching adult beginners.
     I provide a solid musical foundation for all my students.  Each student studies from a series of method books that emphasize note-reading, music theory, proper technique and exposure to a variety of musical styles.  Some students are interested in composition, improvisation, and transcription.  They study these topics with me in addition to their basic method books.
     Every student is encouraged to choose their own repertoire to study.  As soon as the student is able to read very basic music notation, they can choose songs they’d like to learn from songbooks at an appropriate level.
     I teach with several goals in mind.  I want to help each student
– Experience all the intellectual, emotional, and physical benefits of music study.
– Develop their musical tastes by exposing them to a variety of genres and composers.
– Experience the joy and thrill of playing the songs they love.
– Realize that through consistency and sincere effort “difficult” becomes easy.