Sharlene, Duet and Solo

Sharlene is one of my Wednesdayday afternoon ladies. She is a model student, practicing diligently every week and trying her hand at many different genres.

Shirley, Duet and Solo

Another adult student who is a real pleasure to teach. This year Shirley has been studying Nat King Cole, and more recently, The Beatles. Shirley’s choice of repertoire always puts me in a good mood. You just can’t be miserable and play smooth, beautiful pop standards like Mona Lisa, L-O-V-E, and Michelle every week.

Mo, Duet and Solo

This is Mo’s most recent duet and solo. I love the small, satisfied smile at the end of My Heart Will Go On. Adult students are the bomb!

Emiko, Duet and Solo

Here’s Emiko! She recently passed into Level 2, which means playing hands together, using a metronome, and playing duets with me every week. She is a funny little jokester who loves borrowing my highlghters and highlighting everything in sight on all her songs.


Maya is the youngest student I teach right now at just 5 years old. She has a 15 minute lesson after her big sister and learns one little song every week. She loves putting putting stickers on the songs she has mastered!

Rebecca, Duet and Solo


Here’s Rebecca! Currently she is working on a transcription of ‘Mercy’ by Shawn Mendes. She is also a hockey and soccer kid, and I’m always impressed she finds the time to practice. 45 minutes with Rebecca always flies by and we work and learn hard from the time we sit down at the piano until I must dash away to my next lesson.

Ella, Duet and Solo

Here is Ella, progressing beautifully, playing hands together with a steady beat and a ton of confidence and determination. She devours a lot of material every week and often does more, goes beyond, and adds more complexity than I ask for if she masters her assignment with time to spare before her next lesson.