The Mobile Piano Geek

Welcome to my website! The Mobile Piano Geek (that’s me) provides in-home piano lessons, delivered fresh to your door every week.

Right now, I have space for one new student.  If you live in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Burnaby or the north end of East Vancouver (up to 12th Ave, or about as far west as Main St.) and are interested in lessons for yourself or your child, read on.

A School Age Child or Teen:
The young student I am seeking is between the ages of 7-15. This person

– is someone who likes music
– has time for at least four piano practice sessions of at least 20 minutes, every week between lessons
– responds favorably to the idea of piano lessons when suggested by a parent or even better, expresses an interest in learning how to play the piano

– has decent manners and a generally sunny outlook

– has a good sense of humor, and likes to laugh (even while learning)

– doesn’t give up too easily or responds to sincere encouragement & support


An Adult:

The adult student I am seeking is minimum age 16, no maximum. This person

– likes music

– has time for at least one hour of piano practice every week between lessons.

– can commit to a weekly lesson September-June (except Christmas & Spring Break) or is willing to pay for lessons not attended.

– is open to learning new things i.e. unfamiliar music, types of music not in their comfort zone

– has a good sense of humor and can handle making mistakes

– can accept delayed gratification and appreciates the journey at least as much as the destination


you can reach me at 778-318-3916 or