Practice Makes Good (and fun)

Hello Lovely Parents and Students,
I wanted to share some important information with you about practicing.
Of course, it’s up to each individual family to decide if their piano student(s) will be doing any practicing. It definitely helps the lessons become enjoyable and interesting as opposed to uncomfortable and boring (for student and teacher). If you/your child chooses to practice their piano assignment in between lessons, here are some helpful tips on how to do it.

– Establish a practice routine, enter it into family calendar.
– Set aside time for 4 piano practice sessions every week.
– Create a pleasant practice environment. Quiet, a good bright light, footrest if needed. No teasing or criticism.
– At every practice session, open the piano lessons binder.
– Go to the assignment sheet from your last lesson.
– Do everything on the list as many times it says (more is better) or for the number of minutes indicated.
– Set a timer for every session.
– If you reach the bottom of the list and time has not run out, start again at the top of the list or practice the item that was the most difficult again.

Students ages 5-9 need supervision during their practice sessions. They need an older sibling or adult to:
– help them go through the instructions and work through each item
– keep them focused

Students ages 10-12 need someone to check their piano assignment at least once a week. They need someone to:
– ask them to play every item on their assignment worksheet
– offer feedback on elements that need more effort and improvement

Students ages 12+ need someone to:
– offer some sincere encouragement
– give specific praise when you hear them practicing well on their own

Adult students: don’t be shy about showing a trusted friend what you’re working on in piano lessons. Supportive friends and family can provide encouraging feedback, which is so valuable when learning to play an instrument.

And that’s all there is to it! Good instrument, bench, footrest, light, some quiet, straight posture, curved hand position, follow the instructions, and be uncool enough to sincerely try. Voila, the perfect practice session. Repeat at least 4 times a week between lessons to see encouraging results and grow as a human being.